Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire all of our children to the highest levels of academic achievement through a rigorous curriculum that integrates the wonders of the natural world.

Our goal is for our students to cultivate the capacity to achieve a meaningful, healthy, flourishing life that embodies responsibility, stewardship, and experimental engagement with the arts, agriculture and environment in informed, imaginative, and rigorous ways.

Basic Information
Charter School Name
Chattahoochee Hills Charter School (CHCS)

Start Up
*CHCS is Public School, Free and Chartered by Fulton County

Grade Levels Served
K - 5 with plans to expand to K - 8

Ages Served
Ages 5 - 11 with plans to serve ages 5 - 14

Opening Date
August 2014

Enrollment Begins
January 1st, 2014

Charter Term
Five years
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