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Special Announcement:

Moving Date Announced in our Special Update - CALENDAR CHANGE

Sign up for our Volunteer Moving Day: CHCSMoveIn 

Cochran Mill is having a Day Camp the week we are closed! http://www.cochranmillnaturecenter.org/camp.html

Please read the letter from Fulton County Schools regarding  Enterovirus.


Our Mission is to inspire all children to the highest levels of academic achievement
through a rigorous curriculum that integrates the wonders of the natural world.

Our Goal is for our students to cultivate the capacity to achieve a meaningful, healthy, flourishing life that embodies responsibility, stewardship, experiential engagement with the arts, agriculture, and the environment in informed, imaginative, and rigorous ways.

Our Values are academic excellence, artistic expression, environmental stewardship, high standards of ethics and good character, a concern for physical health and well-being, and social responsibility.

Our Focus is on a hands-on thematic instructional approach that uses the school’s unique rural surroundings as a framework. It positions agricultural, environmental, and artistic themes as lenses through which the Georgia state performance standards will be achieved and exceeded.