We are a free, open, public charter school serving Fulton County dedicated to inspiring K-6th aged children using arts, agriculture and the environment. We are located in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. It's just 25 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport. It's nestled in the woods in a mostly rural environment. Our scholars learn in classroom and in the open-air, through constant interactions with the natural world. 

Being a student at CHCS means something different. It means being outside, challenging yourself, and learning not just from a chalkboard, but from the tall Georgia pines and the red Georgia clay. Our campus is composed of multiple building pods that can open up to the outside so that students can be immersed in nature.

We're finishing our first year, and we think we're building something special. Something  that inspires children and parents alike. Many of our families report not needing an alarm clock to get to school in the morning, and most of our PTO meetings are standing room only. And as we continue to grow, we're providing a rich, quality education to the children of South Fulton County.