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Special Called Meeting of the Governing Board

Meeting: 05/19/2017 - 7:30pm - Building F1

 Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Campus

Special Called Board Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Governing Board Candidates for Ballot Process

Resolution Authorizing the Signing of Agreements Related to Bond Issuance (per CHCS Bylaws)

Executive Session



The next Governing Board meeting is Monday, June 26, 2017, at 7:00 PM in classroom F1.

The next Finance Committee Meeting is Thursday, June 8, 2017, at 10:00 AM, in FF2.


Agenda:  Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Governing Board Meeting: 06/26/17 - 7:00pm

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Campus

7:00  Pledge of Allegiance

7:01  Approval of Agenda

         Approval of Minutes from May Board Meeting

7:05  Principal’s Report

7:15  Public Comment and Report from PTO and Foundation

7:45 Governance

-Board Member Recruitment (online application)

-Update on Executive Director Position

8:15 Report from Finance Committee
- Report of Financials
- FY18 Budget 
-Fundraising Proposals
-Personnel Requests

8:35 Academic Excellence
-Real School Gardens Proposal 

8:55 External Affairs

9:15  Executive Session

9:30  Adjournment

Next Meeting: 07/15/2017 8:30-3:30




Minutes:  Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Governing Board Meeting: 05/8/17 - 7:00pm
Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Campus


Present: Walter Buttler (Principal), Clay Johnson, Abby Corbett, Xeron Pledger, Lachauna Edwards, Morgan Lindsey, Tim Cailloux, Tyler Thigpen, Dominique Love


Presiding Officer: Knox Phillips


May 8, 2017 Board Agenda Minutes


Pledge of Allegiance


7:01 Approval of Agenda


Late start at 7:08


Motion made by Clay J, seconded by Tim C. Motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Minutes from April Board Meeting


Motion made by Dominique L, seconded by Morgan. Motion carried unanimously.


Report from Finance Committee


Tim and Knox made a quick observation that the budget meetings moving forward would ideally take place on the 3rd Monday of the month.


-Report of Financials


Motion to approve monthly financials made by Clay J, seconded by Abby. Motion carried unanimously.


-Payment to CHCB Related to Bond Issuance


Motion to allocate $11K to CHCB related to loan refinancing costs by Tim C. Seconded by Tyler T. The $11k is comprised of $3500 attorneys fees, $8000 modification fee. 1 abstention. The motion carried unanimously with the rest.


-External Accounting Firm


Motion to interview and ID an external accounting firm or CPA to prepare the school’s financial reports by Tim C seconded by Tyler T. Motion carried unanimously.


-RFP Approval – School Nutrition Vendor SY17/18


The state has asked us to reissue this vendor for the next year coming out of their audit of the school nutrition program. They wanted a better RFP than what we had last year. Our RFP last year was the state template. They asked us to reissue it because they didn’t like the current version—i.e., the template they recommended. We don’t expect a substantial change in price. The cost of the program is the cost of the food; fairly standardized. And transportation and packaging costs.


Motion to adopt the state’s template for RFP for the school nutrition program and issue it in July 2017. Tim C motioned first and Dominique L seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

-RFP Approval for New POS System for Student Nutrition Program


Staff (the folks who work directly with the system) has requested the above change, for EMAP and field trips, due to the current POS system having substantial shortcomings. We anticipate this being a $5-7k cost to change.


Motion to issue RFP for POS system for award date for our July board meeting. Motion made by Tim C, seconded by Xeron P. Motion carried unanimously.


-Personnel Budget Request – Executive Director Position


Tyler recommends we allot ~$5-7K for the ED hiring process so that we can fly in promising candidates. For visits that extend over a few days, typically budget $1000 per trip and plan to come in under that. Which allows us to bring in 5-7 folks.


Motion to approve in the FY18 budget the position of ED with salary to be determined with the prepared job description. Motion made by Knox P, seconded by Tyler T. One abstention. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion to nominate Tyler Thigpen to lead the search of the ED. Motion made by Clay J. Seconded by Tim C. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion to allocate a maximum of $7K for the ED hiring process so that we can bring in promising candidates. Motion made by Tyler T. Seconded by Dominique L. Motion carried unanimously.


-Educator’s Liability Insurance


We are working on to renew this.


-Enrollment Increase/Charter Contract Implications


Our charter said we would have 405 students. We worked with FCS (Andrea) to craft language for our charter renewal. Moving forward, how can we talk to FCS and GCSA and the state, to begin socializing where we are.


-FY18 Budget Planning and Update


Still trying to get with area special education director to reconcile discrepancies.


Principal’s Report

  • Wins—one parent of a 17 month old wants to register a child; mom thanked Walter and stayed the course. Kids have won writing contests. Math competition, students placed as individuals and as a group. Mr Miller’s class is #6 for IXL nationwide.

  • Curriculum—looking at ourselves differently next year. What if we teach agriculture, nature, environment, arts, and teach the standards through that. How can we be that nature school that we’re supposed to be...looking at that as a committee.

  • “Next step, next level” Theme next year.

  • Real gardens program is exciting.

  • Curriculum badges that students earn upon mastery and is competency based. Going to look at that.

  • Discussing a blended learning program as a pilot.

  • Art day was last week. The Masterpiece project is a year long project. That culminating activity. They sold their art. Economics of art explored as well.

  • Wrapped up assessments. Will share results

  • We’ll complete enrollment and be full tomorrow. Staff hiring will continue. Some staff members leaving to relocation, some because of not earning enough here.

  • Food service got an A100 mark on a surprise visit.

  • Trailer project is underway. To be placed last week of June.

  • What kind of a teacher event at Dominique’s house. May 18 after school

  • School dismissal traffic. Trying to keep it clear. Ideas around staggering dismissal times.

    • Presence at town meetings, sharing about the great work of the kids who live in Chatt Hills.

    • Keeping Rivertown road keeping it clean

Public Comment

  • Thanks to Clay and Tyler

  • Yesterday was May Day. PTO made $9,736. Welcome for new parents, over the summer. Continuing with Oz Pizza nights over the summer. Perhaps a movie day over the summer. Tomorrow is the last PTO meeting. Also made about $200. Michelle gave extra thanks to her PTO leadership team. PTO will be at field day at the park, there will be popsicles and snacks, etc.


-Report from PTO & Foundation

  • Sept 9 is Learnapalooza. Kick off planning meeting. Meeting May 20 at 3pm. Looking for assistance. Knox asked for board assistance.

  • Proposed changes to by-laws. 11.8 specifically is around enrollment priority for Foundation parents. Probably need to run it by council.


8:05 Governance


-Charter Renewal –Next Steps


-Board Retreat Updates


-Board Member Recruitment (online application)


  • Current board member applicants.

    • Kiki Lawrence, marketing, senior marketing at Dense. april leetum, works at Cox Curry

    • Shadid on foundation board, pres of morehouse alum association

    • Dr Rosenstein. his prof at Mercer. prof of education. half have children.


-Update on Board and Staff Survey


-SBOE Updates to Charter Governance Rules


-June 2017 to June 2018 Proposed Board Meeting Dates


Motion to approve board meeting days for 2017 and 2018. Motion by Knox P. Seconded by Abby. Clay abstained. Passed unanimously.


8:30 Academic Excellence


-Real School Gardens Proposal (tabled at March 2017 meeting)


Motion to approve Real school gardens proposal pending authorization from the Treasurer. Motion made by Dominique L. Seconded by Clay J. Passed unanimously.


-Summer Camp


-8-week Student Success Plan


25 interested parents demonstrated interest. Some interest in partial weeks.


-Plan for Wednesday’s visit


Folks representing CCRPI, Governance, and an overview of Charters will be here.


8:50 External Affairs


Georgia State relationship evolving.




Motion to move to executive session by Clay J. Seconded Xeron P. Passed unanimously.




Executive Session


Motion to leave executive session by Clay J. Seconded Abby. Passed unanimously.



Motion to move to executive session by Knox P. Seconded LaChauna. Passed unanimously.


About The Board

The CHCS Board is an elected board of Fulton County volunteers who govern the school. It's their job to recruit, hire and evaluate our senior staff, build and maintain policy at the school, and ensure that the school remains anchored to its charter and its commitments to Fulton County and the State of Georgia. 

To contact the board, please use this form.

Governance Website

The Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Governing Board keeps record of all of its policies, agendas, minutes and other records on our governance website. To keep track of board matters, participate with the board, and comment on current or planned policies, please visit our policy website.

Board Meetings

Our board is committed to openness, collaboration, and participation with our community. Our board meets on the first Monday of every month at 7pm, unless that Monday is a holiday or during a school break. Then the meeting is usually the following Monday. All meetings are open to the public, and have a public comment period for members of our community to address the board. Meetings are held at the school campus. The board may also, from time to time, call for special meetings. 


Board Members

Knox Phillips - Chair

Clay Johnson - Vice Chair

Tim Cailloux - Treasurer

Xeron Pledger - Secretary  (parent)

Warren Edwards - Trustee  (parent)

Lachauna Edwards - Trustee

Abby Corbett - Trustee

Morgan Lindsey - Trustee

Dominique Love - Trustee  (parent)

Tyler Thigpen - Trustee  (parent)



Board Committees

Curriculum Committee

Finance Committee

Governance Committee

External Affairs and Communication Committee

Facilities Committee