Our Board

The next Governing Board meeting is Monday, April 10, at 7:00 PM in classroom F1.

The first of 3 required 2017-2018 budget hearing meetings is Monday, April 10, at 6:00 PM, in FF2.

The next Finance Committee Meeting is Monday, April 10, at 5:00 PM, in FF2.

About The Board

The CHCS Board is an elected board of Fulton County volunteers who govern the school. It's their job to recruit, hire and evaluate our senior staff, build and maintain policy at the school, and ensure that the school remains anchored to its charter and its commitments to Fulton County and the State of Georgia. 

To contact the board, please use this form.

Governance Website

The Chattahoochee Hills Charter School Governing Board keeps record of all of its policies, agendas, minutes and other records on our governance website. To keep track of board matters, participate with the board, and comment on current or planned policies, please visit our policy website.

Board Meetings

Our board is committed to openness, collaboration, and participation with our community. Our board meets on the first Monday of every month at 7pm, unless that Monday is a holiday or during a school break. Then the meeting is usually the following Monday. All meetings are open to the public, and have a public comment period for members of our community to address the board. Meetings are held at the school campus. The board may also, from time to time, call for special meetings. 


Board Members

Knox Phillips - Chair

Clay Johnson - Vice Chair

Tim Cailloux - Treasurer

Xeron Pledger - Secretary

Warren Edwards - Trustee

Lachauna Edwards - Trustee

Abby Corbett - Trustee

Morgan Lindsey - Trustee

Dominique Love - Trustee

Tyler Thigpen - Trustee



Board Committees

Curriculum Committee

Finance Committee

Governance Committee

External Affairs and Communication Committee

Facilities Committee