August 2015 Board Meeting

Last night we had an amazing board meeting right after our teachers first day of pre-planning. The board watched an incredible presentation by the teachers, who answered three questions for us regarding our school culture:

  • How might we make CHCS an incredible place to work, every single day?
  • How might we have a successful 2015/16 year such that charter renewal is all but ensured, and
  • How might we inspire children with the natural world such that it changes their definition of what's possible.

The answers to these questions were presented to the board, and the board gave the teachers a standing ovation for the hard work they did thinking about the culture they wanted to build at this school for themselves and for their students.

Other highlights:

  • The board's built a data tracking system to ensure our accountability and compliance. It will be reviewed at our monthly board meetings.
  • The board amended the school's bylaws to clarify the roles of ex-officio officers, to define what happens when a trustee enrolls their child in the school during the middle of their term (they're now allowed to complete their terms), and the board can now hold up to 11 seats should the board choose to fill those positions.
  • The board passed its "Policy Creation Policy" which defines the process of how the board creates policy, and finally
  • The board's finance committee presented the first draft of its financial controls policy. We are now soliciting feedback from staff and the public on these controls. So if you have feedback, please feel free to leave a comment on the board's website.

Once again, thank you to all who came to last night's meeting. Our next meeting is on Tuesday September 8th, 2015 at 7pm at CHCS. We're holding the board meeting on a Tuesday because the Monday is Labor day. We hope to see you there.