Welcome to ChattHillsCharter.org 2.0

Welcome to the new CHCS Website. In order to improve and streamline communications with our parents, teachers, the Chattahoochee Hills, and Fulton County communities, we're building out a new website. It's our hope that we can go overboard with communications this year -- not only at a school-wide level, but also on a family by family basis.

In addition to this new website for parents and our community, our board has set up a new governance website. This will help you keep track of our schedule, calendar, and policies. 

We expect a few bumps along the road: moving from one website to another can often end up with some temporary problems. But if you find any issues, make sure to let us know!

2014/15 showed us all one thing: we're in this together. We think that 2015/16 is going to be seeking constant alignment between all the parties responsible for the growth of our children: our parents, our administration, our faculty, our board, and our facilities. Increased communications will improve that.