CHCS offers a dynamic curriculum that fuses all core-content areas with the arts, environment, and agriculture. Our teachers craft engaging lessons that enable students to master all grade-level Georgia Standards of Excellence while exploring our community’s natural surroundings, sustainable farms, and thriving arts community as a platform for their learning. This integrated, experiential approach empowers students to construct their own meaning and build connections in their minds here in Chattahoochee Hills.

Our students are guided in this process by our outstanding teachers and administrators. They not only perform well on exams, but go on to have rich and meaningful lives. They solve problems, work with others, make discoveries, and develop into independent thinkers.

Most importantly, our students are happy and well. They come to school curious, and head home engaged with their surroundings and community. Historically our school has some of the lowest absence rates of any school in the area because our students want to be at our school. 

Our vibrant instructional approach makes learning fun and even messy! A student can explore our bird sanctuary to gather data and be inspired to show that data as a piece of art. While caring for our farm animals, a child can be guided to a connection that might help him or her better understand a concept in math. An observation made in a notebook on the first day of school may inspire meaningful writings a student can develop throughout the year. Our students have voice in the direction lessons may go, as their curiosity also inspires our teachers. This type of curricular culture develops a sense of community and fellowship that is the bedrock of meaningful learning.