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Maymester Classes

Kindergarten and First Grade Classes

Maymester classes will meet from 1:45-2:45 PM on May 9, 11, 16, and 18

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1.Story Stones

Ms. Guy

Scholars will create stories using stones as their visual aids. They will be painting pictures onto their rocks depicting their story. :)


2.Animals and Habitats

Mr. Miller

We will be using BBC's breakthrough series, Planet Earth, to learn about the animals and habitats you are interested in! Then we will use what we learn to inspire our artwork! If you love animals and have a passion for drawing then this is the class for you! 


3.Paint, Paint, and Paint Some More!

Ms. Martin (Ms. Williams’ long term sub) and Ms. Lebron

Do you like to paint?  Me too!  Come paint with me!


4.Colorful Sit Spots

Ms. Faulkner

Get ready to enjoy an art-filled time while enjoying nature! We will explore new sit spots each class to observe nature and put it down with colors on paper!


5.Crafty Corner

Ms. (Davis) Lee

Show off your artful talent! We will be doing lots of painting, drawing, sketching, and paper collages!


6.Blings and Things! 

Ms. Selementi

Get your shine on and get ready! We will be designing bracelets, necklaces, and more! Join this Maymester class to explore the world of creating handmade jewelry! 


7.Campus Beautification

Mrs. Moreen

Would you like to help make our campus more beautiful than it already is? In this class you will get to be a part of decorating picnic tables in the outdoor classrooms, repainting tables on campus, helping to create a rock garden, and much much more.  Please join me in your scrubbies to help decorate our campus and make it SHINE! 


8.Building Forts and Stuff

Mr. Richard

We’re going to use some natural resources to build forts and other stuff.  Can we build it?  YES WE CAN!


Maymester Classes

Second and Third Grade Classes

Maymester classes will meet from 1:45-2:45 PM on May 9, 11, 17, and 18

Choose your top 4 on the response sheet on the opposite side and return this sheet tomorrow.


1.Fairy Tales and Tall Tales

Ms. Shaw

Have you ever dreamed of being a prince or princess?  In this class you will learn all about some popular princess fairy tales. On the last day of our course we will have a princess tea party where you can wear your princess attire, drink tea, and have special snacks like real princes and princesses.  


2.Save the Drama for the Llamas! (Theater)

Ms. Canady

Have you ever wanted to break out of your shell, or do you already know the stage is calling your name? We are going to play theater games, learn about the stage and maybe even work on our singing skills in theater! Join me as we dive into theater for kids!


3.Cultures Around the World….With Food!

Ms. Weidner and Ms. Dillard

Come fly with us!  We’ll travel the world and learn about different cultures through the foods they eat.  Oh, by the way, WE’LL eat, too!



Ms. Rice

Do you believe that you can change the world? I believe that YOU can! Take my class to find out how!! 


5.Stress-Free Coloring In Nature

Ms. Spencer and Ms. Stevens

Students will relax in nature while coloring mandala designs. Students will be provided with color pencils and be able to choose a quiet place of their choice to de-stress from testing. 



Mr. Lennert

This class is all about the element of surprise. Will we hike? Will we sing? Will we build?  Will we stay dry?  Will we get wet?  Will we stay clean?  Will we get dirty?  Who knows!! It’s a surprise!


7.Drawing in Nature

Ms. Taylor-Phillips

Students!  Bring your sketchbook and drawing materials to the woods with your favorite art teacher, Mrs. Taylor-Phillips! We will study and draw the interesting things we find in the peace and quiet of the outdoors.


8.Let’s Ride!

Mr. Buttler

Do you like riding bikes?  Me too!  Let’s go for a bike ride!  Please choose this class only if you are able to bring your bicycle on May 9, 11, 16, and 18 and we’ll ride on campus and experience our environment in a new way!  Oh, and we’ll get some exercise, too!  (Park your bicycle outside of the Administration trailer, FF, next to mine.)

Maymester Classes

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grade Classes

Maymester classes will meet from 1:45-2:45 PM on May 9, 11, 16, and 18

Choose your top 4 on the response sheet on the opposite side and return this sheet tomorrow.


1.Give Me a C…..!

Ms. Denton

Cheerleading! Do you like to look sharp, perform with a group, and get a crowd pumped up?! You should try cheerleading! We will learn a new cheer and chant everyday. (No stunts)  Dress in shorts and good sneakers. We will be jumping, stretching, and moving!



2.I Can Grow!

Ms. Grant

Explore the wonders of nature, science and agriculture as you learn how to plant seeds, make compost and maintain a garden.



3.Save the Scraps!

Ms. Horne

Explore your creativity and show off your measurement skills by designing scrapbook layouts using your favorite pictures.




Ms. Jones (4th Grade Teacher)

We will start off with light stretching, a discussion of  breathing techniques when running and the physical and mental health benefits of running, and then some warm up exercises. We will then spend time running on the trails and have a cool down at the end. 



5.My Amazing Brain: What's inside your skull?

Mr. Braxton

We are going to take a journey into the brain, exploring its different parts along the way. We'll discover the cool things that go on inside your head and learn what the brain does. On this exciting journey, you will be scientists, carrying out fun experiments.



6.Bored???!!!  No!!!  BOARD games!

Ms. Jones (5th Grade Teacher)

Let’s have a checkers tournament!  Perhaps a chess tournament?  Maybe some Connect 4?



7.Make It, Take It, Play It, DIY Games

Ms. Lucas

Let’s make, take, and play games like mancala, skeeball, ping pong toss/ring toss, tic-tac-toe, paper plate bean bag toss, and more!



8.Outdoor Cooking!

Ms. Baughman

Learn to safely build a campfire and cook over it (it's more than s'mores!).  We will also build a solar oven to make some tasty treats.


9.The Beautiful Game

Ms. Marietta, Mr. Barrow, and Mr. Schilling

Are you interested in becoming the next big star?  Do the names Messi and Ronaldo mean something to you.  Join us for Maymester and learn the ins and outs of the game of soccer.  We will do drills to increase ability, cover the rules of the beautiful game, and practice in-game scenarios through play.  Please bring tennis shoes, a water bottle, and a soccer ball if you have one.  Please, no cleats!  The hard ground will cause major back and knee problems if you wear cleats.




Ms. Murphy

In small groups, students will write short play(s) and perform them.  For the final showcase, students will direct and perform a peer written play.  Drama warm-ups will begin each session.



11.Absolute Archery

Coach Meg

Come back for some more archery practice outside of P.E. Now that you've learned the basic skills, let's get more advanced! 




Ms. Ritchea

Let’s sing!  We will be singing 2-3 part pieces from musicals such as Newsies' “Seize the Day”.

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