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Maymester MAGIC!


This May is going to be MAGIC at CHCS!  Each teacher is going to sponsor a class based on something about which they are passionate.  The classes will take place from 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM on the first 3 Tuesdays and first two Thursdays of May (5/3, 5/5, 5/10, 5/12, 5/19).  Students will choose their top 3 classes from the descriptions below.  We will TRY OUR BEST to accommodate at least one of each student’s top 3.  Classes will be offered in grade bands, with K, 1, and 2 students sharing classes separately from 3rd-6th graders.  It’s going to be magical!

Watch the grade bands to see which grade levels are assigned to which class, Choose your top 3 choices, and put the class number next to the choice number on the response sheet.  We will do our best to get you into one of your 3 choices.  If not, please understand we’re trying to schedule 350 Students. 

Today students received a bright green response sheet.  Please read through the class descriptions, paying close attention to which grade levels may select which classes, and return to school on Monday, May 2.


1Title:  “Tennis Anyone?”

Teacher:  Ms. Meg

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description:  This is a class where we will setup mini nets in the turnaround area and work on basic racket skills: bouncing balls, controlling the ball and working up to rallying back and forth with each other over the net. We will learn the rules of tennis and how scoring works.  Tennis is a sport that lasts a lifetime and learning the basic skills at a young age means you can then take it to the next level!


2Title:  “Yoga For Beginners”

Teacher:  Ms. Rice

Grade Band: 3rd - 6th

Description:  Would you like to find balance in your life? Yoga helps connect your mind, body and spirit. Join me to learn the basics of yoga and meditation! You will need to wear shorts or pants and a shirt you are able to tuck in.


3Title:  “House of Sankofa”

Teacher:  Ms. Grant

Grade Band:  3rd-6th

Description:  Come on in creative doers and thinkers to the House of Sankofa!  Here you will create your own "spoken word" poetry narrative with the sounds of conga to drum in the natural rhythm of music that will make your poetry shine!  Express your most creative words of uniqueness in a short or long narrative to tell a story about you, your favorite person or place, or even about some amazing experience you've lived.  You will learn to flow to the rhythm of the drum and create a poem to express your unique flare!  We can't wait to meet you at the "House of Sankofa"!


4Title:  “Sew What!”

Teacher:  Ms. Lucas

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th       

Description:  Have you ever lost a button on your favorite shirt and your mom took FOREVER to fix it? Learn the skills and concepts of basic sewing.  Also, use your new sewing skills to make simple fixes and up-cycle items into new wearable and usable favorites.  


5Title:  “Give Me a C….!”

Teacher:  Mrs. O’Donnell

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description:  Cheerleading! Do you like to look sharp, perform with a group, and get a crowd pumped up?! You should try cheerleading! We will learn a new cheer and chant everyday. (No stunts)  Dress in shorts and good sneakers. We will be jumping, stretching, and moving!


6Title: “Put a SPARK in it!”

Teacher: Mr. Braxton the Extraordinary

Grade Band: 4th - 6th

Description: Uncountable times every day—with the merest flick of a finger—each one of us calls on electricity to do our bidding. What would your life be like without electricity? Students begin learning about electricity with an introduction to the most basic unit in ordinary matter, the atom. Once the components of an atom are addressed and understood, students move into the world of electricity. First, they explore static electricity, followed by basic current electricity concepts such as voltage, resistance and open/closed circuits. Next, they learn about that wonderful can full of chemicals—the battery. Students may get a "charge" as they discover the difference between a conductor and an insulator. The unit concludes with lessons investigating simple circuits arranged "in series" and "in parallel," including the benefits and unique features associated with each. Through numerous hands-on activities, students will construct simple switches using various materials in circuits that light bulbs, use simple conductivity testers to evaluate materials and solutions, build and experiment with simple series and parallel circuits, and draw circuits using symbols.


7 Title:  Stem - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Projects

Teacher:  Ms. Jones

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description:  Do you like to solve problems?  We will build, test and rebuild.  One of the projects will be to build a house from toothpicks, that will withstand wind..  You will be presented with a problem or challenge and then create a solution.


8 Title: “Roughing It”

Teacher: Wilderness Sensei Schilling

Grade Band: 3rd - 6th

Description: Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? Join me as we discover the truth behind your answer.  We will be hiking, exploring, digging, tasting, smelling, identifying, building, wading and loving the forest around our campus.  Come prepared with water, hiking boots, sunscreen, bug spray, and a willingness to try new things.  We will be outside the majority of the days and we will be getting dirty so bring a change of clothes too please.  


9 Title: “Life Drawing for Real Artists”

Teacher: Drawing Professor Taylor-Phillips

Grade Band: 3rd - 6th

Description: Real artists must know how to draw people from real life. Figure drawing is one of the oldest and most respected traditions in all of art history. In this class we will practice drawing real people using a whole new set of tips and techniques for the truly devoted student of the arts. Please bring your sketchbook, pencil, and eraser. Be prepared to draw as well as model poses for the class to draw. WARNING: this class is for the most determined young artists and not for the faint of heart!


10 Title: “Crafty Math”

Teacher: Miss Spencer

Grade Band: 2nd - 6th


If you enjoy arts and crafts join us to create art with math. We will do fun projects to practice math skills.


11 Title: “Whose Line is it, anyway?”

Teacher:  Ms. Miller

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description: Do you like to act? Are you quick-witted? Put your skills to the test in an improv class inspired by the popular TV Show. We will learn different improv games and activities. Get up, get moving and make it up as you go along!


12 Title: “Eat, Appreciate, Love!”

Teacher: Ms. Honey

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description: We will be mixing up some healthy and delicious food as a creative and fun way to share the love and satisfy the tummy.


13 Title:  “Thank You, Mr. President!”

Teacher:  Mr. Clay Johnson, CHCS Governing Board Chairman

Grade Band:  3rd - 6th

Description:  Are you interested in community organizing and government?  Might you want to be a founding member of our Student Council/Student Government next year at CHCS?  Then this is the Maymester class for you!


14 Title: “Save The Scraps”

Teacher: Ms. Horne

Grade Band: 2nd - 6th

Description: Explore your creativity and show off your measurement designing scrap book pages.


15 Title: “Breathe, Stretch, Shake ”  

Teacher: Mr. Robinson and Ms. Faulkner

Grade Band: All Grades

Description: This class will feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumbachoreography. We will break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. We believe that exposure to this class will help our students develop a healthy lifestyle and learn to incorporate fitness as a natural part of their lives. We plan to demonstrate our passions by making fitness fun. Additionally, classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness.


16 Title: ”Don’t be bored... Play Board Games

Teacher: Mrs. Dillard

Grade Band:  K - 2nd

Description: Who in the world doesn’t love games?! Board games are loads of fun while working your brain. It will be a class of fun that teaches strategy and good sportsmanship. Come make new friends and learn new things!    


17 Title:  “Surprise!”

Teacher:  Mr. Lennert       

Grade Band:  K - 2nd   

Description:  Do you like surprises?  Me too!  Come to my Maymester class and be surprised every time.  Will it be arts-related?  Agriculture?  Nature?  What else?  Come and find out!


18 Title:  “Let’s Go For a Bike Ride!”

Teacher:  Mr. Buttler

Grade Band: K - 2nd

Description:  Do you like riding bikes?  Me too!  Let’s go for a bike ride!  Bring your bicycle on May 3, 5, 10, 12, and 19 and we’ll ride on campus and experience our environment in a new way!  Oh, and we’ll get some exercise, too!  (Park your bicycle outside of the Administration building next to mine.)


19 Title:  “It’s A Sign!”  American Sign Language (ASL)

Teacher:  Ms. Williams

Grade Band:  K- 2nd

Description:  Ever wonder where our CHCS non-verbal signals come from? Does it spark a curiosity to learn more about how and why sign language was created? Join me to learn all about the history of sign language as well as learn how to sign your name, different words, and whole sentences!


20 Title:  “Your Royalty is Requested”

Teacher:  Ms. Shaw and Ms. Moreen

Grade Band:  K - 2nd

Description:  Have you ever dreamed of being a princess?  In this class you will learn all about some popular princess fairy tales. On the last day of our course we will have a princess tea party where you can wear your princess attire, drink tea, and have special snacks like a real princess.  This is a joint class of 2 teachers, so there is space for 36 students.


21 Title: “Fitness Frenzy!”

Teacher: Ms. Davis

Grade Band:  K - 2nd

Description: Do you enjoy being outside? Do you love to challenge your friends? Well, come join me for some relay races, hula hoop wars, and many more fun physical activities!! Dress accordingly and wear some comfy shoes! : )


22 Title: “Rockin’ Stories and Seed Pods”

Teacher: Ms. Guy & Mrs. Evans

Grade Band: K - 2nd

Description:  Rockin’ Stones-Sticks and stones may break your bones, but “Story Stones” last forever.  Do you like creating stories? Do you like playing with stones?  Come join us in “Frogland” on a story telling and writing adventure!  Learn how to repurpose stones and magazines as visual aids to help enhance your creativity in storytelling.  Seed Pods-DO you know where paper comes from?  Come learn how paper is made by creating your very own seed pod experiment.  We will be learning and getting our hands dirty!!!  


23 Title:  “Hangin’ Loose with Dr. Seuss”

Teacher: Mr. Miller

Grade Band:  K - 2nd

Description: Do you love Dr. Seuss stories? Would you like to write your own Dr. Seuss inspired stories or let your artistic side blossom by creating Dr. Seuss inspired creatures? We will also compare Seuss movies vs. the books.