As responsible stewards of public funds, CHCS competitively bids many of its purchases. By policy, CHCS must competitively source its goods and services when the estimated value exceeds $2,000 and must post the bidding opportunity to our website when the value exceeds $5,000.

As described in our procurement policy, our basic tenets in vendor selection include:

  • Local Preference: CHCS seeks to do business with companies located within Chattahoochee Hills and Palmetto.
  • Strategic Preference: CHCS seeks to do business with companies that have the potential to provide long term value to the school.
  • Past Performance: CHCS seeks to do business with companies that have a strong track record of strong performance with the school over companies with weak or limited experience.
  • CHCS prefers companies with no track record of performance over those that have a history of weak performance.

If you're interested in working with CHCS, please contact our Executive Director, Chester Asher ( to be included on invitations for future bidding opportunities.


Current Opportunities

  1. School Nutrition Program for SY17/18 (3rd Issuance)
    Posting Date: 6/19/2017
    Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting: 6/26/2017 @ 1:00PM, on the CHCS Campus
    Questions Due: 6/27/2017 @ 5:00PM (via e-mail to
    Answers Provided: 6/29/2017 @ 5:00PM
    Proposals Due: 7/12/2017 @ 4:00PM
    Proposal Opening: 7/13/2017 @ 8:00AM
    Award: 7/14/2017
    RFP Link: HERE
    Addendum Link #1: HERE
    RFP Award: Fruit of the Spirit