Richard Louv Visits Our School

Last week, National Bestselling Author, Richard Louv visited our school to talk about the importance of a nature based education. It was an honor for us, because his book, The Last Child in the Woods, was an inspiration for our school's founders: without his writings, we'd have a different school, or possibly no school at all. 

Louv chose Chatt Hills Charter School as the backdrop for his new book (Vitamin N!) launch interview for CBS This Morning, so make sure to watch the show this Friday, April 8th, sometime after 8pm. Here's what he wrote about his favorite experience at the school:



"On the day I visited, two girls on their way to an outdoor learning experience handed a newborn bunny to the CBS reporter and another to me. Whatever worry I had about the interview disappeared. When the reporter asked them to describe some of the ways they were learning math, science, history and language, the girls practically burst with pride and excitement, at that green edge."

It was an honor to have Mr. Louv at our school. You can read more about his take on our school, over at the Children and Nature Network.